La Sombra

Hacienda y Ecolodge La Sombra

Want to leave the noise of the city, connect with nature and enjoy the peace that provides a pure environment?... We provide a space for the spirit in harmony in an environment that is ideal to come with family and friends! Our goal is to provide you a comfortable visit with excellent quality and human warmth with low impact to the environment, while emphasizing on community development and sustainable tourism.

We are located in the Municipality Tuma-La-Dalia, Matagalpa, Nicaragua. La Sombra is a coffee plantation; in 2005, the ecolodge project finished after being declared Private Wildlife Reserve in 2004. With a 214Mz of superficial spreading, 174Mz is cultivated with quality coffee under the shade. The remaining 40Mz is protected areas of the tropical forest where there are births of streams and the crossing of the Caratera River, forming two impressive waterfalls called, The Eden and the Hawk.

We have a variety of different attractions for all tastes. In your tour, you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters of the mountain, walk the trails and horseback riding, to relaxing in a hammock while reading a book and enjoying the breathtaking view. Enjoy a delicious bath in the waterfalls and in the ecological pool and learn about the enigmatic and mysterious process of metamorphosis of butterflies. You can also see the production process of coffee and other crops (Blackberry, raspberry, cocoons, squash, fruits and vegetables, among others), as well as contact directly with the flora and wildlife of the area and set a tour to the Massif Penas Blancas and more. We invite you to meet this little world of adventure and discovery!

For reservations or more information about La Sombra Ecolodge, please call us at:
(505) 8455-3732 / (505) 8468-6281 or by e-mail:



It is located in north-central area of the country in the region Caratera, the municipality of El Tuma - La Dalia, Matagalpa.

How to get from Managua?


It is located in north-central area of the country in the region Caratera, the municipality of El Tuma - La Dalia, Matagalpa.

How to get from Managua?

The distance from the capital city Managua, is 177 km (170 km are paved in the last 20 km is reparation and 7 km of macadam).

Departs from Managua by the Pan American Highway north (100 km) arrives to the town of Sebaco, from here continue towards the town of Matagalpa (30km), passing the city and continues to the right specifically to El Tuma - La Dalia (40km), this farthe road is paved in repair, passes through the center of the village of La Dalia and continues on the road to Waslala (3km), you will find signage when arriving at the hacienda La Estrella, turn left (4km) down to ECOLODGE LA SOMBRA.

If you use your own transport, we recommend a tall vehicle (4x4).

If you use public transport in Managua, the COTRAN (Market Mayoreo) take the bus to Matagalpa ($ 3 dollars), in Matagalpa take a taxi ($ 1.50 USD) to take you to the COTRAN north, here depart buses to La Dalia ($ 2 USD). Once in the village of La Dalia you can take a taxi that will take you to the LA SOMBRA ($ 5 dollars). With a total of $ 11.5 dollars the  trip.